Crystal Hands Foundation was inspired by the personal experience of a teenage mother to the hardship most teenage girls and their families undergo. Teenage Pregnancy is one of the harsh realities many teenagers are forced to deal with due to lack of maturity and an underdeveloped sense of responsibility. Teenagers are under-prepared to handle changes they are experiencing and the consequences of their action.

We are a family of women using our experience and expertise to design programs that would enable teenage girls to understand themselves and take full advantage of their potentials.

Our Mission is to prevent teenage pregnancy and reduce its rate of occurrence. According to Ghana Health Services, about one in four teens get pregnant in Ghana. Crystal Hands Foundation strives to fight stigmatization and discrimination against teenage mothers in society through Awareness, Assistance, Education, and Empowerment programs.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Educate and create awareness among teenage girls and teenage mothers.

  • Minimize instances of abandonment of pregnant teenage girls.

  • Empower teenage girls for smooth transition into the work force.

  • Facilitate acceptance and reintegration of teenage mothers into community.

  • Provide scholarships for academic and vocational education for teenage girls.

  • Reduce mortality rate among teenage mothers and their children.

  • Reduce homelessness and improve social welfare for teenage girls and teenage mothers.

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