The building will grant us capacity to help more teens simultaneously. It would also enable us to run multiple programs that train, counsel, and assist our teens.  

Your support is crucial to our efforts and we are truly grateful for your contribution. 

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Our Cause



We enhance teens and teen families’ social welfare by providing groceries, clothes, hygiene supplies, school supplies, and shelter assistance.


Awareness & Advocacy

We keep communities and neighborhoods informed through outreach and workshops.



We equip our teens to excel by providing tuition assistance for higher education, and vocational training.



We counsel and provide career guidance, and leadership training for our teens.

Current Programs

Mercy Designers

Since 2018, one of our empowerment programs has been a design program. Each year, the girls will learn to design and sew women and kids clothes one year. Each student received a sewing machine, materials, sewing kits, scissors, and other items needed for their training. These materials allow them to start their own business. They will also receive a monthly allowance based on attendance.

Mercy Beauticians

Our empowerment program for teenage mothers through learning the skill of hairdressing began July 1, 2020 with the enrollment of 10 girls.

The stylists and beautician were provided with hair pieces, weave-on, hair mesh, relaxers, conditioners, shampoos, setting lotions, towels, rollers and pins, scissors, and other items required to learn their new trade.

Our Partners

"Now I have hope..."

My story is a long one. I went through a lot of pain and struggle, but now Crystal Hands Foundation has given me great hope and joy. If it wasn’t for the grace of God, I have no idea how I would have made it through. I started attending school at 11 years old. With no help, it was challenging to keep up and I lost hope. The man who impregnated me travelled and deserted us. He has never seen his child. This was agonizing and I was very troubled. By God’s grace, I am now encouraged. I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to be trained in clothing design. I pray that God bless all of you. May God bless and replenish what you give to us. May He prosper your occupations. I pray that God also bless us as we are being trained so that we can understand and retain all our lessons and help us be profitable when we complete our training and start our own businesses.

Our Cause


Educate and create awareness among teenage girls and teenage mothers.


Minimize instances of abandonment of pregnant teenage girls.


Empower teenage girls for smooth transition into the workforce.


Facilitate acceptance and reintegration of teenage mothers into the community.


Advocate for services and regulations to protect and empower teen girls.

Health & Social Welfare

Provide with health and social welfare supplies and services.


Provide scholarships for academic and vocational education for teenage girls.
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